Parenting 101 by Deborah Williams

Parenting 101 by Deborah Williams

I take a funny look at parenting as a mother of three. Looking at issues such as bullying - to tell the other parent or not to tell? Scary parents. Coaching sports teams - (are you mad?) How old is old enough for a sleep over?

On Australia Day...


Dear rude woman who lives on my street

First off, an apology.

I apologise that my dog was walking on your lawn. She was on a lead, but as you know, there are no footpaths on our street, so we had to stop and wait when we saw you reversing out of your driveway. You didn’t stop for us, so we waited - me, the dog and my two daughters on scooters.

I do.... more »

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times


THERE are good times and there are bad times as a parent.

Good times are when the household is running smoothly - with two parents working full time, we are grateful when we get out of the house at 8.15am, with all homework, lunches and shoes intact.

If you had peeked through my lounge room window at 8am this morning, you would have known by my dejected slump and gritted.... more »

What are the best children's movies?


A friend who was writing her thesis recently said to me, that in order to write a good thesis you needed to know your subject inside and out.

She has chosen to do hers on childhood psychological trauma.

She is completely well-versed on this most noble of topics. She can spout facts, figures, draw graphs and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the issues surrounding it. more »

The true cost of raising children


Just who are they kidding?

One of those bizarre studies has been released again, with social researchers now estimating that raising a child to the age of 18 costs $1,028,093.


Let’s do the sums here.

According to those figures, we need to spend $57,116 on our child each year, which is very bad news indeed for the majority of us, who do.... more »

Pro-Choice Birth


A fortnight ago, in honour of Home Birth Week I wrote a story about home birth for my local newspaper.

It was a nice, feel good story, with a local mother giving birth to her two sons at home.

She described it as a wonderful experience, and encouraged other mothers to consider home birth as an option.

Feedback from this story? None.

After this article.... more »

What do you mean you don't like my child??


Teacher/student personality clashes. I have seen it happen with two of my children (don’t want to reveal which ones - you never know who is reading…)

It’s difficult and bound to happen.

I have conducted a scientific study (well…I asked my friends) and they all agreed they all had at least one difficult year with a teacher they clashed with.

Mine was.... more »

What working families really want


So Julia and Tony are offering us increasing amounts of child care, parental leave and the like.

Ho hum.

Three of us working mums were having a chat recently following the 'mum is late for work' drive to the office, after plaiting hair, making three different types of sandwiches and remembering to feed the cat.

None of us were particularly impressed with Julia.... more »

A father's first toy sale


The voice down the other end of the phone was strangled.

“Do you hate me?” He asked. “Why did you send me there?”

Dear husband had just braved his first toy sale, and the results were not pretty.

“The lines…” he gulped, sounding like a wounded soldier. “ The lines…”

He faltered, unable to go on.

“The lines?” I questioned gently. more »

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